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Rules & Regulations
Welcome to Hi-Fi Ladies Hostel

Rules & Regulations

  1. Fee once paid on the same day or any other day will not be refunded under any circumstances
  2. Indiscipline will be seriously deal with an admission may be cancelled.
  3. Strict Receptionary action will be taken erring and irregular students.
  4. The students are advised not to keep gold ornaments, cash, or Laptops without any security management/ warden will not Be lost/ theft.
  5. Strictly visiting hours 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm only outside.
  6. Hostel gate will be open at 6 am and will be closed at 10.30 pm
  7. Hostel mess timings strictly: Breakfast 7.30 to 9.45 am. Lunch: 1 .00 to 2.30 pm Dinner: 8.00 to 9.30 pm Tea: 7.30 to 8.30 am and 5.00 to 6.00 pm
  8. Gambling by playing cards, smoking, Drinking is not allowed.
  9. Cash may please be paid to the against receipt in time
  10. Any Damage Caused by the Students in the Room has to be Paid for it. Eg:- Wall color, Window glass, Beds, Taps, Electricals etc
  11. After joining members should bring plate, bucket, glass & bed.
  12. Please leave key at the office counter before leaving the room.
  13. Guests, friends or relatives including parents are not allowed in to the hostel or front of the hostel.
  14. We are not responsible for paying amount to staff without any receipt.
  15. Who wants to vacate the hostel must intimate to warden/ Management before -10 days, otherwise have to pay the -10 days Payment.
  16. Fees be increase on the same day purely at the description of the Management (due to changes in the market prices)
  17. Produce the payment receipt on demand.
  18. Two bags along with books are allowed for extra luggage Rs 200/- extra charge should be paid.
  19. Meals are strictly not allowed in to the rooms.
  20. Students belongings are not allowed to be left on empty beds